Dining Room & Kitchen

Dining Room & Kitchen

Dining Rooms:

The Spiritual Centre has two dining rooms, one for use during all seasons, and one for use during the summer months and when necessary through the other seasons.  The main dining area seats 35-50 people.  Visible in the dining rooms is the architectural method predominant at the Centre: the dining area was built using post-and-beam construction and a variety of woods.  Its ceiling is red pine, its walls are eastern white cedar, while its supporting beams and posts are made of hemlock and white pine.  The main dining area is connected by a long hallway to the buffet area, adjoining which is the summer dining room.  The summer dining area seats 20-40 people.  The walls and ceiling of this room are finished in white pine.  This room, and the main dining room as well,  are also multi-purpose rooms, to be used as groups might want to make use of them.


The kitchen is a commercial kitchen and is amply equipped to prepare meals for our guests.  It is outfitted with a sanitizing dishwasher, two ovens, and a walk-in refrigerator /freezer.  Our meals are served buffet-style.




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