The Anishinabe Spiritual Centre is a place of peace, a beautiful retreat space, a welcoming conference centre. It is an ideal setting for conferences, seminars, workshops, business meetings, group retreats, and directed and undirected individual retreats. Since 1981, ASC has welcomed many people, Native and non-Native, to deepen their spirituality, to become educated and trained in the leadership of their faith, and to retreat and recreate.

Our timber frame and log buildings offer comfortable, rustic accommodations. Situated in the wilderness of Northern Ontario, in the Manitoulin Island–North Shore region, our cottages are nestled among trees at the edge of scenic Anderson Lake.

Our Vision:

We envision the world as gift, where God, who is found in all things, leads to peace, to dialogue between peoples, and to the reconciling of communities.


Our Mission:

The ASC is a community of people called by Christ, inspired by the Jesuit tradition and by First Nations cultures and Aboriginal spirituality. At the Anishinabe Spiritual Centre, we provide spiritual nourishment for Native and non-native communities. We strive to provide support for the First Nations communities.



Rooted in the Christian tradition and building on the history of the Jesuit communities working with First Nations peoples in this region of Canada, we value:

  • Respect and Dignity
  • Community
  • Hospitality
  • Healing and Reconciliation
  • Dialogue
  • Ecology
  • Education
  • Arts
  • Health


Program objectives:

We are dedicated to providing programs that:

  • Nurture a deeper spirituality in people, leading to inner freedom and openness to all
  • Provide a place of welcome so as to affirm the goodness and beauty of life
  • Offer space and opportunity for discernment and education
  • Affirm the personal to strengthen the community
  • Uphold a sensitivity to the cultural and social challenges of our time