1st Yoga and Meditation Retreat in ASC – Espanola, Ontario

1st Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Espanola, Ontario

The Anishinabe Spiritual Centre hosted the first Yoga and Meditation Retreat on August 24th to 26th. It was an event in which all of the participants learned the basics of Yoga (the practice, history and philosophy). All of the participants learned useful and practical tools that are helpful in everyday life, from breathing techniques to physical exercises.

One of the focuses of the retreat was the care of the spinal column and the correct alignment of joints. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace and to be aware of their bodies.

This is the first retreat (level 1) in a sequence of Yoga and meditation retreats for those who would like to go deep into the practice of Yoga, but at the same time, going step by step so as to gain a better understanding of each level.

It is a retreat in which you can find the tools to grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

The ASC was the perfect place for this retreat, the practices and exercises took place in a beautiful room, and outdoors on the grounds of the property that is surrounded by the forest and the lake.

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