25th Sunday in Ordinary Time – September 24, 2023

   In times of personal crisis, devout Catholics often plead for the help of the Holy Guardian Angels (memorial on October 2nd). To familiarize the faithful with the activities of those pure spiritual beings, a few days before (on September 29th) we have the feast of three archangels: Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

   The first among them fought successfully against the fallen angels who, under the leadership of Lucifer, had rebelled against God. As the victor of that decisive battle, St. Michael has the status of the protector of the church. We might invoke his assistance (together with our guardian angels as well) in all struggles with our particular weaknesses, when Satan seems to get the upper hand.

   Archangel Gabriel brought the joyful messages to both Zechariah and Mary about the births of John the Baptist and Jesus. He truly is the herald of joy and consolation. Married couples might also see him as the courier of their gratitude for the gift of their children.

   St. Raphael (the patron of the Sagamok parish) is associated with healing. No doubt, he has facilitated the medical efforts during the Covid 19 pandemic.

   The generous service of the archangels on our behalf reinforces the message of this 25th Sunday: that God wants to save everyone.

– Fr. Toni Baranowski SJ

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