A Pin Hole Message from the Director of Anishinabe Spiritual Centre

Snow is here. The season is just around the corner. Changes careen across the landscape. Here at Anishinabe Spiritual Centre we are attentive to all of this & more. Thanks to many who come to this Centre and to the staff who hospitably receive them. From university groups, school awareness trips, the Native ministries community, support and healing groups, to retreatants, the ASC has welcomed them.  Our  meetings with Native community leaders are  invaluable learnings.  We keep listening to what the spiritual, communal and personal needs are.  We know that these are not easy times. For the youth, the elderly, the wounded, even the leaders, challenges are numerous.  Constant vigilance and progress is needed to be present to all of this. It is a blessing to have this season of Advent upon us, which teaches us vigilance, how to become more alert to what is happening and what is yet to come.  I hope this finds you all in that spirit, in anticipation of letting Christ enter  more deeply into our lives and our shared world. Thank you for all your support.  

Fr. David Shulist SJ


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