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From time to time, to perceive one’s interiority with more attentiveness, a time of retreat, in a tranquil place away from the busyness of the world, can be very helpful.  One may make a retreat with some regularity, perhaps once a year, as a kind of “plateau” space of rest and renewal on the journey of life.  A retreat can be helpful to one appropriating a transition in one’s life.  It can be helpful to one who is making a major decision, such as one’s vocation.  For whatever reason, it is always a privileged time for God and the retreatant to abide together.


An Ignatian retreat is an extended period of time in silence with prayer in the manner handed down from St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491 – 1556).  St. Ignatius developed spiritual exercises from the experience of his own prayer and from his guidance of others in their experiences of interiority.  For St. Ignatius and the others whom he guided, finding God’s will for the direction of their lives was of paramount concern.  Ultimately, that meant discovering what truly gave their lives meaning, freedom and a deep sense of joy.  Today, Ignatian prayer helps people from all walks of life find their God-given deepest desires. Following this way can lead to freedom and fulfillment, while, at the same time, serving God, others and all of God’s creation.


Ignatian retreats may be made over one day, a weekend, or an eight day period. Eight days is a common length of time for an annual retreat.  For one with little or no experience of an Ignatian retreat, a spiritual director, or a guide who is experienced in Ignatian prayer, is necessary for retreats of any length.  The role of the spiritual director is to help facilitate the communication between the retreatant and God, not to replace it!  Once or twice in a lifetime, one who has already made Ignatian retreats may experience the full Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola through a directed long retreat of thirty days.


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