For bookings made after June 22, 2012


Rooms in the main building are available for rent for $45 / person / night

Cabins cost $60 / person / night (Cabin 8 $50) (See family rate, below)

Family rate:          

In the main building, $45 / person / night

In cabins, $60 / person / night for the 1st person

$35 for each additional person

                      Children 4-11 $25

                      Children 0-3 Free


Group rate:

1st to 10th person:    $45

11th to 20th person: $40

21st person and up: $35



Home cooked meals, prepared with care by our experienced staff. 

Breakfast $7 / person

Lunch $10.50

Supper $15

Snacks are also available, for a fee.


Please note that, for groups, we charge for a minimum of 10 people, for meals.


Facility fee 

$110/day, for groups ($60/half day, $35/quarter day) 

Includes meeting space. (Also includes use of TV, DVD, CD player, projector, screen, flip charts and markers.)


Other fees

Other fees include: 

Wireless internet                           $2.50/person/day

Camping                                          $25/tent/day

Canoe rental                                   $10/canoe/day

Use of motor boat                         $15/day

Use of BBQ                                     $20/use

Wood for fireplace or campfire    $10/use  

Note: Outdoor fires are only permitted when there is no fire ban in effect.

Snowshoe rental                            $5/person

Printing/photocopying                $0.25/page (black ink)

                                                         $0.40/page (colour ink)

Staff support                                  $20/hour


For more information, or for bookings, please call us at (705) 869-4994, or email anishinabe.centre@gmail.com

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