Fr. Henk Series







Finding God and making the right decisions in life is an all encompassing endeavour. If we solely are guided by our feelings and passions then our life will be out of control; however, feelings and passions do grand us much information and therefore greatly can assist us as we face everyday struggles and decisions. If we solely are making decisions on an intellectual level then we miss out on much valuable information, especially, when we face emotional loaded encounters, as for example, a family member or co-worker is angry, sad, or joyfully celebrates life. In other words, all sessions in this series are designed to become aware on a higher level of all our inner movements and to centre ourselves as unique individuals in a unpredictable world.

Dates: March 25 / May 27 / July 29 / September 30 / November 25

Mass: 11:45

Lunch: 12:15

Session: 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.


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