Praying with the Christian Spiritualities – Information

This Fall Retreat will take place on October 12st-14th

Starting on Friday at 7:00 p.m. and ending Sunday at 3:00 p.m.

It will be led by Tarcia Gerwing.

This retreat is about different forms of prayer within the Catholic Tradition based on major religious orders´spiritualities (in this retreat the focus will be Ignatian-St Ignatius of Loyola, & Carmelites-St Bertold with a Marial Devotion). Each day Tarcia will focus on a different form, with the hope that one or all of the spiritualities will speak to you.

Discover how your own lived spirituality includes them

God´s creation is made stronger and richer because of the diversity of creatures that live within it. Likewise, we are made stronger as Catholics by sharing our diverse ways of listening, of praying to the Creator, wich have come to us through our ancestors within the faith. It is hoped that this weekend will enrich your prayer life and offer you ways to pray, to listen to God more effectively.

 Explore the Spiritualities of the Catholic Tradition

This is a great opportunity to delve into two different branches of Spirituality, and to discover whatever else the Spirit may generously give you on the weekend.

Come to enrich your undersanting of how important one´s spirituality is within the greather Christian tradition

Tarcia has given this retreat in other places and it has been very well received. She has discovered that many Catholics are not aware of these traditions of prayer. She hopes this will help you appreciate both the wealth of spiritualities and forms of prayer that are a part of the Catholic faith, plus a time to deepen your own experience of prayer and relationship with the creator.

 Cost: $135 (Limited space)

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