In Thankful recognition of those who came before us

Spring is the time of year when planting seeds and watching them grow is a most  loved pass-time. At the Anishinabe Spiritual Centre, we take the time to thankfully  acknowledge the people who planted a different kind of seed that also grew and  came to fruition. We begin with the founding visionaries who dared to imagine a  place of such refuge long before a building was in place. 


Making it Real

But that was just the beginning!  A dream needs people in action to become real and  there were many who answered the call.  From the financial gatherers to the laborers, the cooks, cleaners, craftsmen and suppliers, they all contributed. 

Everyone joining together and pouring out their expertise, time and energies into the building up of something special. 

Imagine the countless conversations, challenges and triumphs that must have taken  place with such a project.  We are so grateful that with each new day there came the  gathering of more people that persevered, shoulder to the plow, making it all possible. 


Generations upon Generations

To the many users that come to the Centre and continue to grace our doorsteps and  populate our rooms and cottages we thank you.  Your ongoing support in our services, retreats and programs are a gift to us.  It is because of you that we can continue to keep our doors open and offer rich experiences in such a beautiful and natural setting.  It is on account  of all the people that have come before us that we  now take such enjoyment and feel such heartfelt gratitude.

And so we have come full circle.  From the planting of the visionary seed, to the labour intensive cultivating of a Retreat Centre, to the harvest of people gathering to  enjoy the spiritual growth and healing benefits that come from the wonderful place  that we call the Anishinabe Spiritual Centre. 

All together, for the gathering of All.

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