Reflection for Sunday, January 26, 2020

By Fr. Paul Robson S.J.

Maybe this winter (or this summer if you´re in Australia) will go down in history as the moment when the people of our world realized that climate change is real and that we´re in the midst of a climate crisis. An Australian reporter, in the context of the wildfires in that country, stated the following: “Climate change has stopped being something to argue about. When you breathe in the ash and feel the pain in your heart, you can no longer deny it.”

Wiikwemkoong´s own Autumn Peltier was one of the young people who took part in a panel discussion this past week, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. She and other youth leaders are working toward empowering other young people, as well as moving the hearts and minds of world leaders and the general public, with the goal of addressing the climate crisis.

Today´s readings talk about a light shining in the darkness. In Australia, with the fires, I suppose that there is too much light these days, and not enough darkness! But the Biblical image of light shining can be understood as referring to the light of love, the light of goodness, the light of Christ! Let us pray that this light might shine brightly in our hearts and in the hearts of others.

May this light radiate outward from us and be evident in many ways, including in the ways we respect, care for, and live in harmony with our common home, God´s creation.


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