Remembrance Feast – September 10 – 2016

For the Late Fr. Michael Stogre and deceased ASC community members

On Saturday, September 10/16, a memorial mass was celebrated honoring Fr. Michael Stogre and local community members who  have been involved with the ASC since its beginning.

Among those named at the ceremony were Charles Shawanda, Dominic Eshkawkogan, Fr. Maurice and Fr. Michael Strogre.

After mass, we blessed and dedicated cabin 3 and named it after Fr. Stogre. The plaque, which was designed and made by Leonard Cywink, celebrated Fr. Stogre’s life as a physician, writer, priest, hockey player, and hunter.

The afternoon closed with a potluck supper of wild game and traditional foods.


In Remembrance

Sam Debassige,Deacon                Fall, 1981

Duncan Desmoulin, Deacon                February 8, 1991

Angus Neganijijig, Deacon                March 23, 1992

Dominic Eshkakogan, Deacon October 9, 1994

Rose Fox                                        April 24, 1996

Richard Sayers, Deacon                April 6, 2001

Dennis Wawia, Deacon    June 6, 2001

Agnes Webkamigad, DOS    January 5, 2002

EmerickShigwadja, Deacon    July 14, 2002

Marjorie Misibinijima      November 29, 2003

Coleman Trudeau, Deacon     December 10, 2003

Fred McLeod, Deacon    May 10, 2010

Gladys Eshkakogan, DOS    February 5, 2011

Delma Cooper        October 11, 2011

Martin Assiniwe      November 26, 2013

Lyda Mishibinijima      July 3, 2014

Gerry Ense        October 13, 2014

Millie Desmoulin      January 28, 2015

Rose Peltier, DOS      May 20, 2016

Charles Shawanda      June 26, 2016

Beatrice Lake, DOS      August 17, 2016


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